Thursday, 19 April 2018


Three of the Girls -  Poppy, Gloria and Fay - are cheeky enough to come in the house and to eat the cat food.  We chase them out, and they run,  but they aren't scared.  They just wait a few minutes and try again. Poppy is probably the cheekiest/worst offender.

Poppy came in this morning.  I chased her out.  Then I remembered that I had had an idea to try and resolve it,

I armed myself. With an umbrella.

The next time she came in, about half an hour later,  I went in to the kitchen umbrella first.  I was opening and closing the umbrella as fast as I could.  She shrieked, and ran out.

I'm pretty sure the call of the cat food will overcome her fear,  so I the umbrella is on the sofa, all ready to go.

We'll see.