Friday, 22 September 2017

Friday - Late Afternoon

It was all going so well. They were mopching around together, eating grass. Sitting together. All looked serene.

And then I showed one of the girls where the food was in the treadle feeder.  Bertie took great exception to this, and pecked her really, REALLY hard on the back of the head.

I shut the horrible little man out of the whole area, then shut the girls in the run to give them a chance to eat.


Friday - Lunchtime

Things are improving

Friday morning

I was awake at 5, and lay there listening for sounds of squabbling.   It gradually got light, still no sounds,  so I left them alone.  At 7, I finally got up and went and opened the pop hole.

No one came out.

I walked to the other side of the garden and opened the pop hole for the Big Girls.  No one came out. I was earlier than normal, and caught them unawares.

Eventually, Bertie came down the ladder, but the Newbies did not.  I watched for a while,  and then decided I'd better check all was OK.  I shut the pop hole,  opened the door at the back and picked up one girl. The other escaped.  I stroked the girl in my arms (such soft feathers!), and put her on the ground.

Bertie lunged at them.

I recaught the two girls and shut them in the run (shutting Bertie out).  I opened the netting so Bertie could go off exploring,  and that's what he did.

The Newbies ate and drank.  Bertie decided to go and explore the Big Girls run (the Big Girls were still shut in their covered run at this point).   I closed off his netting so he couldn't get back in,  and I opened the run doors so the Newbies could explore their paddock.

I went and had a shower, did some Domestics,  helped DH with his shower, did my mail, that sort of thing.  I went out to chat to them all.  While I was there, one of the Newbies raised the alarm.  Bertie ran over to them (still on the outside of the netting). 

Wash sauntered up the path.  I stroked him and told them all that Washy was a friend (like they could understand me, of course).

I then opened the netting so Bertie could get back in.  I stood in with them for a few moments,  and the came inside to make breakfast.

It's going to be an interesting day.